April 1, 2019

St. Bernard Parish, LA – Today Dixie Championship Wrestling (DCW) is announcing its return to action. DCW was the premiere wrestling organization in St. Bernard Parish from 2001 – 2003 running a show almost every week during its two-year run.

With the return of DCW also means the return of your favorite stars, most who are now old and out of shape, such as Menace, WooWoo, Cool Cat Corey, Knight, Zodiac, Cool J, Sho Nuff, Murda, Hired Muscle, Swole, A-Train, The Machine, Shaw, Mok the Killer, The Wizzard Kevin Kross, The Foot, Nate Means, Minion of Pain, The Brutal One, 101, Your F***ing Hero, Fire Starter, Hurricane, The Bumm, The Reefa, Duztyn, Goph, Fernando, Mr. Skair-E, Major Pain, Shock, Triple X, Freakie Fairy, Blood Scream, The Saint, Ashlyn, The Canadian Buzzsaw, Jason Mac, Shady, Blackishi, J-No, Romeo, Kognito, Roach, Fusion, Zero, DJ, Sage, Special K, Biohazard, Anton, KO, JA5ON, Junior Exec, Asian Jeff, Chico, Krazy T, Dominion, Assassin, The Executive, Pyros, Pimp Master P, The Extreme Canadian Icon Eddie Lastad, Snipe, and Mason Dixon.